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The Lamborghini Countach* LP400.

It debuted in 1974 as the successor to the Miura, the world's first true super car. With such huge shoes to fill, Lamborghini was not about to take any chances so they decided to be bold.
The result was a car that looked quite like no other before or ever since. Yet, all the newer Lambo's have drawn inspiration from it, as well as countless other competitors. It remains one of the most striking vehicles ever seen on a road.
Its name is surrounded by myth as the word Countach is used to express amazement by speakers of the Piedmontese dialect, only spoken in a northeastern region of Italy - and one of the few times Lamborghini chose not to name a new car after a bullfighting expression.
The diamond design on the socks is inspired by the wedge-shaped panels of the Countach.

*wow; goodness; holy sh!t

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